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Little Mountain Farm

Little Mountain Farm is a family farm established in 1997 producing Simmental and SimAngus genetics. Once the decision to focus on a seedstock operation was made, choosing the Simmental breed was a natural choice because of the knowledge and experience gained from the family commercial cattle operation’s use of Simmental cattle dating back to the mid 1970s. 

Little Mountain today consist of 50 mature cows along with a cooperator herd used to produce about 30 ET calves each year.  We normally have 4-5 donor cows at any given time.  Our calves for the last ten years have been 100% AI sired, which allows us to take advantage of top genetics available in today’s rapidly changing world.  When selecting the AI sires,  EPD’s and conformation are a top priority with emphasis to produce progeny with breed average values or better that have the ability to perform in all segments of our industry as well as stand up to anyone’s visual appraisal. The selection process for donor cows consist of studying the pedigree at least four generations, all the while maintaining breed average numbers. The donor cow has to look like a cow that everyone pictures in their mind because I am yet to have the first phone call asking if I have an ugly animal for sale.

A fall calving season is utilized with all calves born between September 1 and October 15.  The reason for such a tight season is based strictly on market demands.

Little Mountain can proudly say that we have been fortunate to have bred and sold bulls that all of the major AI stud companies.

The goal for Little Mountain is to produce an animal that has more value and is more marketable than the previous year’s calf crop. Our long term goal is to strive to be a producer the emphasizes quality first while producing animals that can be profitable in everyone’s herd, whether it be a purebred or a commercial operation.

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To create superior, functional seedstock that will work across multiple environments by utilizing the most advanced technology and science available to produce a safe, nutritious and pleasurable eating experience for today's consumer. All the while, we must stay focused on sustainability and protecting our environment so we will be able to continue feeding the world's people.